A range of authentic Mediterranean recipe best sellers, with the addition of new product innovations that include mixed grains & pulse salads mixed with delicious new flavour dressings and various snack bites with dips in a two compartment snack pot.



Packaged in highly space efficient resealable tubs makes merchandising space efficient. Bright coloured outer sleeving, with large clear product descriptions makes customer selection easy & fast.


Healthier Eating

Our products meet consumer demands for innovation and a healthier eating lifestyle, being prepared from natural ingredients, low in fat, with no artificial flavouring & colourings; they guarantee 100% full of  flavour.

Dips Range

Selection of the UK's most popular dips!


  • Authentic recipes,

  • High quality taste

  • Lower in fat.

  • 18 days shelf life

Snacks & Bites Range

The snacks & bites range combines authentic Middle Eastern, Mediterranean & Asian style recipes.


  • Healthier eating option

  • Great source of 'Meat Free' protein

  • Ideal snack, home meal starter, party buffets, or for lunch boxes

  • 11 days shelf life

Salads Range

A combination of Mediterranean classics & creative recipes mixed wholegrain and pulses with delicious new dressings.


  • Healthier eating option

  • Fork insert

  • ' Eat on the Move' or Take Home.

  • 14 days shelf life

Grab & Go Range

Combining our most popular Mediterranean ingredients into a range of 'Grab & Go' foods. Including Individual Meals, Sandwich Wraps & Snack Packs.


  • Ideal lunchtime snacking solutions

  • Healthier meat free options 

  • Unique range, not available in major multiple retailers

  • 5 - 14 days shelf life range


Green Lentil Salad